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HappyMe Pricing

High productivity at a reasonable price!

Software Licence

HappyMe plans are affordable and transparent. We have no hidden costs!

HappyMe Complete

Software for career and talent management with 360˚feedforward module


per employee per year

  •  A. Personal HappyMe road-map to reach your goals
  •  B. Software usage license, including:
    •  B1. Self-reflection module
    •  B2. Employee’s personal report module with a personal 360˚ feedforward summary
    •  B3. Team 360˚ feedforward module
    •  B4. Employee’s impediment removal module
    •  B5. Interviewer module
    •  B6. Admin module
  •  C. Technical support and helpdesk
  •  D. Company-wide well-being survey report
  •  E. Summary of training requests
  •  F. Summary statement of salary requests
  •  G. Summary of personal goals
  •  H. Invitation to join the “HappyMe HUB: Leadership with a hug” club.

Example: The annual licence fee of a company with 50 employees is 4050 €+VAT.
The license fee can also be divided into quarterly and monthly payments.

Trainings and Workshops

We offer additional courses in Estonian, Russian or English. Opening seminars and other trainings will help increase employee engagement and understand why the company is using such a tool and how it is beneficial to employees. Also, a subsequent workshop will allow the company to take the next steps faster.


An opening event, which features a workplace happiness seminar and product demonstration along with answering employee questions.

Objective: To increase the participation rate so that the survey's sample size is representative and the data reliable.

In-house training: depending on the size of the group from 800 euros / one time + VAT
Pre-recorded video training: 250 euros + VAT

Training for interviewers

Preparatory training for the interviewers with an introduction to HappyMe's interviewer module, which introduces a new generation approach to conversations, elaborates and analyzes various real life situations, and addresses million dollar questions.

In-house training: depending on the size of the group from 800 euros / one time + VAT

Presentation of the results

Introducing the results of the wellbeing survey to either management or employees during the information day, along with answering employees' (sometimes very specific) questions.

In-house training: 320 euros / one time + VAT

Action plan workshop

An action plan workshop for interviewers to take place after the interviews, where qualitative and quantitative data are collated and an action plan of the organization's most prioritized issues is developed that the management of the organization will implement.

Organizations that value a progressive culture of engagement will conduct the same workshop with selected staff in addition to the interviewers. Often the best solutions come from the employees.

In-house training: depending on the size of the group from 800 euros / one time + VAT

The Art of Giving Feedback

In-house training: depending on the size of the group from 800 euros / one time + VAT

Strategy & Values ​​Workshop

In-house training: depending on the size of the group from 800 euros / one time + VAT

Additional services

The company-wide wellbeing research report is included with each plan, but it is possible to order an even more detailed report for either the team or department you choose.

110 euros / one report + VAT

Team report

Company-wide social network report

The company's 360˚ feedbacks provide insight into the social relationships at workplace (each "bubble" is an employee who bears corresponding name in the report ) - who are the social stars aka influencers (bigger "bubbles"), who are overloaded at work (the "bottlenecks"), why the information doesn't move fast, and which clans have formed.

The report is generated as a result of a machine learning algorithm and can be printed on A3 chalkboard to create a lively discussion and inspiration.

8000 euros / one report + VAT

Live 360˚of the team​

In some situations, it may be wise to have a 360˚ feedforward and feedback session with a team in live format. We have developed our own format for this and an experienced facilitator can manage emotions so that the outcome is good and the relationships remain constructive.

800 euros / one time + VAT

Measuring the psycho-social climate

As of January 1, 2019, all employers are required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act to assess the risks of psychosocial hazards in the workplace and to implement risk prevention measures. HealthyMe helps you measure your company's psycho-social health in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to HealthyMe, fulfilling a legal obligation can bring joy and make you more valuable in the eyes of the current and future employees.
Just 3 Steps to

Greater Productivity, Higher Engagement, and Better Organizational Culture

Schedule a call today to take your first step toward getting results. You’ll be talking with a workplace happiness expert ready to create a plan for you.

We will map out where you are currently, and show you a road-map to reach your goals. Our firm is focused on creating results for our clients. 

Once we have a plan in place, the Happy Workplace team will progressively implement the plan together with your team, helping the company to thoroughly research and design well-being at work.

Kaidi Nigulas

Workplace Happiness Engineer