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Certificate of the employer promoting happiness at work

The label recognises the systematic activities of organisations in creating an inclusive and human-centred organisational culture and promoting happiness at work.

The label is awarded to organisations where people not only work for work but are proud of both the company and their colleagues. Their personal values are compatible with those of the organisation and the culture is designed to be inclusive.


“We have launched the Employer’s Sign in support of happiness at work, which gives annual recognition to partners who study happiness at work and implement inclusive management. This is the highest shared recognition of open and human-centred leadership in Estonia. As the Michelin stars confirm, the restaurant deserves to be driven there and guarantees a taste experience, so the HappyMe label is a confirmation that people really care about this employer,” says Tiina Saar-Veelmaa, founder of HappyMe.

“Gallup estimates that two out of ten people work in Estonia because they like the job, the rest only because of their salary. However, this can easily lead to burnout. Working relationships in Estonia must become much more open, reliable and partnership-based, and the leader must keep his people happy,” Saar-Veelmaa added.

The following companies have received the employer's certificate in support of workplace happiness: