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Who We Are

HappyMe (formerly Happy Workplace) helps managers research well-being at the workplace and design an employee-centric organizational culture.

European Champions in Workplace Innovation

HappyMe (Happy Workplace OÜ) was created by a team that brought the first place in the category of innovation (Work 4.0 – Work of the Future) from Berlin to Estonia in the European Excellence Awards HR competition. The final saw competition from major companies such as Coca-Cola European Partners Germany, Deutsche Telekom and Henkel. More than 200 European companies participated in the competition.

In the course of years of work, an innovative four-season working environment philosophy was created at the Estonian design and software company Prokspert, as well as the HappyMe tool, which uses the principles of UX in shaping the employee experience.

The HappyMe company

HappyMe focuses on creating workplace research and design tools. Organizations’ aim is to focus on the core business and do what they are best at. However, they cannot do it without the commitment and happiness of their employees. The rush towards goals may lead to the loss of one’s personal happiness and well-being. Be it because of excessive tension, speed, stress, lack of recognition, boredom at work, or lack of understanding about management principles.
The founder of HappyMe, Tiina, has been researching workplace happiness since 2001, and other teammates Leane and Magnus were infected six years ago with the scientific measurement, research, and organization design of workplace happiness.

Read more about the HappyMe’s culture – the philosophy for four seasons at the workplace and the formula for workplace happiness.

Our Team

Our Tallinn and Pärnu team has 11 people today. Everyone at HappyMe are workplace happiness engineers.

Tiina Saar-Veelmaa

Workplace Happiness Engineer

Has researched workplace happiness since 2001.
Author of 7 books.


Kaidi Nigulas

Workplace Happiness Engineer

Leane Aron

Workplace Happiness Engineer
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