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If I trust and delegate, am I really needed anymore?
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I want to develop my business, but I don't want to burn out (again).
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Sometimes, at the end of the day, I feel like I did so much, but nothing important got done.
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How can I make sure that employees are motivated and that everyone is accountable for their role?
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I sometimes wonder whether the investment in people is really paying off.
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Believe it or not, the HappyMe team has helped leaders find a permanent solution to these and other challenges!

HappyMe is the world’s most employee-friendly career and talent management tool. Working with a variety of partners, we have proved that we can identify the most important pain points in any organization, and that changing them is enough to increase people’s wellbeing and loyalty. Ensuring workplace happiness and putting together a relevant motivation package can also reduce financial costs in the long run.

Ensuring workplace happiness and putting together a relevant motivation package can also reduce financial costs in the long run.

Here’s what some of our customers
say about our work

How have we helped leaders in the past?

Preventing burnout and departure of key people in the organization.

Finding ways to resolve work overload.

Identified dysfunctional processes and solved them through inclusive leadership.

Improved the toolbox of leaders to inspire their people and deal with complex communication situations.


Involved employees who have been passive or negative in improving organizational culture and finding solutions.

Conducted an analysis of the motivation package and identified what really inspires people, what needs recognition, and what does not.

We are here to help create more happiness in your workplace and in YOU!

We’ll give you a free demonstration of the HappyMe programme and together we’ll find out how our team can support your team.

Significantly boost your workplace happiness and productivity

  • Schedule a free consultation (no strings attached!) and take the first step towards results. You’ll soon be in touch with our expert happiness engineer, who will help you design the best plan for your business.


Feel free to ask for a demonstration, give feedback or request a personalized offer.

Fill in the enquiry form below and tell us about your concerns or joys regarding workplace happiness in your orginazation. Let us know what you would like us to help you with and we will get back to you shortly.

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    Invest in your employees’ happiness, and watch your business thrive.!